Sad to say this hasn’t been a very eventful week for crafting. I did make a skirt last Saturday– just a basic A-line, knee-length khaki one, and so I’ve been lazy and haven’t taken a picture of it yet. I kind of got sidetracked by preparing for a party that I hosted for a bunch of my girl friends tonight… that, and the iPod I got for Christmas. I did do a little bit of sewing on my brocade jacket, but didn’t get very far on it.

I do need to figure out some projects pretty soon. Among my Christmas gifts was three gorgeos pieces of fabric and some beads. And also, this nifty lap desk for crafting that has a light on it, for when I’m sitting on my bed doing craft projects (usually I end up just dragging a card table into my room, but this will make my scrapbooking far more comfy!)

I’ve also discovered that I need to do some repair work on one of my favorite reconned shirts. Which, unfortunately, will largely consist of deconstruction– I have a sheer panel layered over part of the original dress’s fabric, and the sheer is pulling out of the seams in several places. I do have a decent amount of that fabric left over, since I’d gotten something like a quarter- or half-yard… it’s just all that ripping out. Especially since there is a zipper involved. And I have to do it to the midriff and both sleeves. But since I love the look of the shirt, I’m crazy enough to do it. I’ll just have to make sure I do something to the sheer this time to keep it from happening again.

The other thing I’m trying to figure out is, I got invited to this semi-formal New Year’s Eve party. I haven’t thought about it before because I’ve been kind of going back and forth on whether to even go (odds are extremely good that I’ll end up being the only single person there, which is just miserable at midnight.) But I was talking to one of my best friends tonight and she told me that she and her fiance are going, so I guess if nothing else I can talk to them a bit while I’m making my appearance, even if I go home before the ball drops. Anyway, I have this dress that my mom had given me awhile ago in case I ever wanted to use it in my recon adventures– one of her sisters married for the first time rather late, like while I was in college, and so this was my mom’s bridesmaid dress from that. So I’m debating whether to do some quick work on this to make it a wearable party dress, or to wear the Morning Glory dress and just make some kind of more winter-friendly shrug to wear over it. Which would be the easier option by far, but I wonder if the turquoise flowers on it make it too summery. Either way, I have to figure this out by, oh, early tomorrow afternoon so I can get on it after church!

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