Project Runway 4.4/4.5, and my own fun with fabric draping!

I know I should be sewing. Kathryn gave me the embroidered fabric today, so I have four toddler capes to make by Christmas Eve. (Three, technically, because the one for her son can’t be worn until he can actually, you know, walk. But still.) Unfortunately, I’m still kind of sick. More functional today so I got through work, but I’m really afraid of cutting something wrong with the headache I have now, and since she bought it and embroidered it I can’t screw it up. I’m thinking that, if I’m ok on Saturday, I can just have a sweatshop day and make a huge dent in that. So I’m limiting my crafting tonight to experimenting with one of my recent fabric acquisitions.

I want to make this a long skirt as possible, both because I prefer the look of long skirts on myself and because I want to show off as much of the fabric as I can. Obviously this isn’t even draped for real, I’m just trying to get an idea of how I want to set the stripes. So here are my options so far:

Out of these two, I’m favoring horizontal, because it seems to work better with the fabric. Of course, there is the “fear of making me look fat” issue. So then I moved to…

I’m not sure about this dual-direction diagonal thing. It does have the potential to look cool, but this was the best I could pin it. Plus I’m not sure I have enough fabric to really make that work, since I’d have to cut more pieces. So at the moment, I’m favoring the diagonal stripe. But this is why I took the pictures, so I can mull over it for a few days.

And now, Project Runway!

4.4: “Trendsetter”

Yes, I know this is a week late, I’m watching it before the new one, but I’ll just make a few comments.

–I loved the idea of bringing back outdated trends and making them actually look good.

–Cut-outs should never have been a trend in the first place.

–Christian still really gets on my nerves!

–The group challenges are always interesting, seeing all the personality clashes and such. This one was no exception. Especially since it involved collections instead of individual outfits.

–Victorya should have just taken the role of team leader from the beginning. She was the leader anyway.

–I can see why Jillian won. Those overalls were amazing, and she turned out to be the best team leader. It was good to see her say she felt bad for doubting Kevin, and I think her firm but not-pushy style of leadership helped motivate him more. The shorts outfit wasn’t really my thing, but I did enjoy the dress too.

–Wasn’t a fan of Chris’s team. The jacket was just horrid, it was not good as a collection, and while I would have worn the wrap shirt outfit, it just didn’t fit with the others.

–Have I mentioned lately that Christian is an arrogant pig? There was really only one outfit in his entire collection I liked, the one with the pencil skirt.

–Ricky’s wasn’t so fun either. Cohesive, but I didn’t like the styles. (Of course, neon pink and then underwear as outerwear wasn’t ever my thing.

4.5: “What’s the Skinny?”

Blogged as I watch this time, just for fun.

Ah, the “dress a normal woman” challenge. Interesting twist on it though, doing women who lost significant amounts of weight! Major accomplishment there. And it’s a reconstruction challenge! *squeals*

Poor Carrie. She got stuck with Christian. 😛 And I just love that she’s making it hard for him! I’m also laughing at Steve, who has to recon a wedding dress into something wearable for everyday. This should be interesting. Hmm… not sure about this “use it as trim” plan.

I do kind of feel bad for Jack, leaving like this. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision. Though I think it was for the best–his face is definitely messed up, and for him to be HIV-positive, his health is nothing to mess with. Chris coming back is fun, though! Not sure about his design style for some things, like last week, but he just has a fun personality.

Gasp…. I actually kind of like Christian’s shirt so far. Too bad I can’t say the same for his personality. Elisa’s looks kind of maternity, Steve looks like he’s not doing the challenge at all.

Whatever happened to “Day of Runway Show”? “Day of Elimination” just sounds so much more ominous. Hmm… Jillian didn’t really do the challenge either. And Elisa’s dress looks better on. Steve is glueing bits of the wedding dress to his outfit. Very decent of Victorya and Kevin to help Steve– I’m actually kind of surprised that they helped since, you know, he’s competition. Too bad his dress now looks like a French maid’s.

The driveby runway review: Sweet P– nice dress, though it might be a bit young for th eclient. Jillian’s makes it look pretty obvious that she didn’t use the original shirt. Ricky’s outfit looks really good.Chris’s doesn’t quite fit well at the bust, but considering the time crunch, not bad. Now that I see it on, Christian’s would be better with longer pants. Victorya’s is ok, kind of bland stylewise. Elisa’s doesn’t look quite like it fits the model stlyewise. Kit’s could be a fun style, I kind of like the double hem, though no way would I do it in pink. Kevin’s looks really good. Steve’s looks like the love child of a French maid and Laura from last season. Rami’s doesn’t really excite me this time.

Elimination time…

Ouch– gotta be rough for Chris, getting called out two weeks in a row. Especially since he just got a second chance! Oh look, Heidi agrees with me about Elisa’s outfit. It looks like they’re going to forgive Jillian for not actually recycling the outfit. Steve, not so much. Haha, Nina just called it a French maid. I have to grudgingly admit that Christian really had one of the best outfits out there. And now for the moment of truth: Christian won. On an immunity round. I guess I’m stuck with his arrogance for at least two more episodes. Though, as I said, I actually sort of liked his outfit this time. I’m glad Chris is still in. And Steve, as I thought as soon as he stated he was going to replace the entire dress with different fabric, is out.

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