Finishing details and holiday projects

Been doing a lot lately…

My mom and I made these on Saturday morning. The original plan was to collect the pinecones ourselves, but the forecast called for rain so we picked up some cinnamon-scented ones at the store instead, and then glittered them up. (Red, gold, silver and green for the colors, but only the green is pictured here because I didn’t have time to get them all on the table drying.)

Then I spent Saturday night into Sunday hanging out at Nicole’s–she worked on some artwork for a coloring pages job she’s doing, and I worked on scrapbook pages. No pics now, and most of them were adding text to already mostly-finished pages, but I still got about 10 pages done. Which, since I’d figured I had about 50 outside of the travel albums, is pretty darn good for helping me catch up.

I also spent some time fixing this skirt. It’s an old picture because I’m too lazy to take a new one. Anyway, it looks the same, all I did was take it in a bit, which involved hand-sewing in the zipper and then sewing the lining back down to it. It took a couple attempts to get the side seam to lie flat again after that, but I think it’ll look better now.

I’m having a sick day today, unfortunately–had to cancel teaching and such. So I’ve been working on Nicole’s scarf, which will hopefully be done tonight or tomorrow, and I also made these two necklaces for Mom’s stocking. She wanted a black or a natural one, so I made both. Sort of. Turns out my “black” beads are actually a deep red garnet, but next to the black sweater I’m wearing today, it still looks black. So hopefully that’ll be close enough.

Oh yeah… my attempt at the Nottingham shirt from the last post is officially on. I went to Goodwill on Friday and found two green shirts that looked like they might work well for it. So they’re washed and waiting for me to finish the brocade jacket.


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