Oh anthropologie, I heart you

First off, confession time… the Project Runway commentary will have to wait. I got sidetracked with something else I was working on while watching it, and therefore basically missed most of the show. Yes, I know who won and who was aufed, I have an idea of what half the fashions looked like, but I need to actually watch it. At least the runway show.

Anyway, I was looking at anthropologie today in an attempt to get some inspiration for those fabrics in yesterday’s post. I’ve pretty much loved their clothes since first stumbling across their online catalog, so I tend to steal a lot of ideas. (For instance, the skirt I’ve spent this entire night hand-sewing in the zipper for because it turned out great except it was too big at my hips.) They’ve since wised up and made it so I can’t save pictures off their website anymore. So I’ll have to sketch instead. But here’s a few of their recent things that I love and want to copy:

Drawing Room V-neck: This one is more for the style than the actual color. Orange generally isn’t my thing–combination of a puke orange carpet in my room when I was a kid that I hated and the red tendencies in my hair that makes it clash anyway. But I do like the Asian-inspired style of it, the self-belt, and the piping. So I’m thinking maybe something along this line for that multicolored silky print that I had no clue what to do with.

Nottingham Tee: Ohmygosh I want this shirt. I love that it looks like a medieval dress, but it’s a totally wearable shirt– right up my alley! I like the colors on this one too. Will have to see if I have anything in my stash that will at least work for part of this. And if I can figure out how to do smocking.

Llewellyn Surplice: Based on how it looks on the model, I’d have to raise the neckline several inches. I know it’s just a simple twist-top shirt, but I also like that puffed banded sleeve detail. And the border print look.

Snowshoe Blouse: This one’s pretty much all about the sleeves and the tie at the waist. I’m wondering if I can adapt this to a longer-sleeved version so I can use the blue/green silky print on it. With maybe a different bodice too, because I don’t want something that open in the winter. Maybe some kind of merging of that and the Crimson and Clover Tunic.

Cordial Tieback: Definitely not a winter shirt for this ice princess! And I probably wouldn’t make it with lace. But I do like the concept of the sheer over contrasting color solid. I’d also have more coverage in the back, but that’s just me.

Latticework Tank: I love the crisscrossed front. And the scrunchy straps. It really reminds me a lot of Claire Danes’ angel dress from Romeo + Juliet, even though I know it’s completely different in the front, but I loved that dress. This one actually has potential as a recon too, I think, if I can find the right starting garment.

So that’s just the tops… I kind of ran out of time for the skirts and dresses.

Also, I’m thinking I really need to find another site to draw inspiration from–anthropologie does a great job of addressing my bohemian medieval-Renaissance loving side, but I still need to indulge my funkier side too.

Edit, 12/7: I’m so excited– I went to Goodwill this afternoon in search of new sweaters. And only found two. But I did also manage to find two knit shirts that will be perfect to recon into the Nottingham Tee! They’re even the same color scheme, and the darker green has some ribbing that will add some nice detail, in lieu of the pointelle weaving. I still need to figure out what to do about the band in the middle, whether I have something that will work for trim or I’ll need to purchase a little something, but so far my version costs a grand total of $9. Yet another reason to love refashioning.


2 thoughts on “Oh anthropologie, I heart you

  1. I have a great techie solution to saving pictures from websites that won’t let you – you just take a screen shot and crop it. That way you can print it out or save it to a personal file to use for inspiration later. I also love hunting through anthropologie for ideas – they have such a variety of stimulating designs.


  2. Also – for Anthropologie – go to View -> Source (in your browser) and search for “display static product detail image when printing since flash doesn't print” — the url after img is the link to the pic. YAY!


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