Yet another jacket

I started the main construction on this brocade jacket last night–got the front/side fronts, back/side backs and the two main sleeve pieces on each side sewed together. Tonight I connected all of those pieces to get this, which currently has the side seams partially pinned. The directions said to sew both sleeve seams first, and the side seams, and then sew it into the jacket, but I figured it would be easier to work it flat. That, and that way if I needed to take the sides in, I could figure that out first. Surprisingly, I don’t– it’s a little loose in the waist, probably, but it was meant to be worn open anyway and the princess seams are exactly in the right place on me so I don’t want to mess with that. I do hope that it doesn’t open quite so triangle-ish on me finished though– I might need to angle the front a little more, but that will also require altering the collar. So I need to think about that.

I also got started on the lining tonight, and would have gotten it to this point, but as it turns out, both sleeves were facing in the same direction so one of them won’t connect to the back properly. So guess what I’m doing during Project Runway?

On a slightly more random note, these are the fabrics I got on that last trip to Joann’s where I didn’t mean to buy fabric. The green striped to the left is going to become a skirt of some type, though I’m currently debating what direction the stripes should go in, mainly due to that crinkled green taffetta-looking stripe. It’s a heavier weight fabric, so not sure I can get away with horizontal without it making me look huge, but I’m not sure a diagonal or vertical would go right. Next one to the right will become some kind of long-sleeved top, since I need more things to wear with my navy blue cords. The teal/gold embroidered one is destined for some short-sleeved top, since my wardrobe needs such things for spring/summer in air conditioning. The one I’m a bit stumped on is the one most to the right– the colors were so rich that I just couldn’t pass up this silky print, but I have no idea what to do with it. Probably some kind of top, but I’m a bit stumped as to style/sleeve length/ etc. So if anyone out there in blogland happens to see this and has some kind of a suggestion for me, I’m open!


One thought on “Yet another jacket

  1. I loved the comment in your post that you didn’t <><>mean<><> to buy fabric:) that made me laugh. Oh so many times I didn’t mean to do it.The jacket is beautiful and I love the color.I am very happy that the reminder of God’s plan helped you I struggle with that myself all the time.Thank you so much for stopping by oh and you have to try that pizza crust it is so good. I think that is the best I have ever had. I found it reading a blog who would have thought?:)I need to get sewing instead of eating pizza 🙂BlessingsBettyJo


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