Project Runway 4.3: "Fashion Giant"

It’s about time they did a menswear challenge! Though I can see why they took so long to get to it– it’s really hard to be innovative with guy’s clothes, it seems. And, given the amount of stress in the room, I’m honestly surprised that more designers weren’t snapping at each other’s throats.

So now here’s my Runway Review:

Rami wins the award for “outfit that I’d most likely want to date the guy wearing it”. I really liked the hipster look to his jacket– I could totally see some guy wearing it while up on stage strumming a guitar, unbuttoned with some snarky-phrase or band T underneath… yeah, I totally have a weakness for guitar players. Something about that instrument makes a guy exponentially hotter. Also, his model had the best hair. But I digress. Runner-up for this award is Elisa— I kind of liked that vest over the fitted shirt thing.

Chris and Jillian had the looks I liked best after that– both suits were well-made and classy, without being overly pompous.

I’ve been pondering this ever since the runway show, and I’m leaning towards disagreeing with the judges on Kit. Mainly due to the pic on PR’s official site. In that one, the fleece jacket reminds me more of a smoking jacket, or the host of “Masterpiece Theater.” But at the same time, I do have to give her points for thinking outside the suitwear box.

I knew Carmen was in trouble as soon as she tried to fake a shirt with a glorfied scarf wrap. But I don’t think the shirt would have saved her. Pants issues aside, the jacket just looked too short and out of proportion with the outfit.

As much as I dislike Christian, I do have to admit that his assymetrically-closed shirt was interesting, and the color scheme worked well. Oh well…. he won’t make it to the end, I just know it.

Sweet P… What can I say about her? Other than the oversized collar and tie and the weirdly high waistband made her model look like an oversized kid playing dress-up in Daddy’s clothes. Wait, that about covers it.

Steven: Well-made, looked nice, waaaaaay too prep-school for my taste.

Victorya: Style-wise, I liked it. Not so keen on the colors– the whitish jacket was a bit jarring over the all-black ensemble. (And what’s with the brown shoes?)

Kevin: I would have liked it better if he’d picked any color other than lavender. Except for maybe pink. The guy looks like a pimp. And his tie’s too short.

I still can’t believe Jack won. Just because he did some interesting things with stripe direction doesn’t mean it was an innovative design. I could sew that shirt. And he only had two pieces– he didn’t even fulfill the requirements of the challenge! So boo on the judges for that.

Ricky had a nice suit, but it was still an average suit.


One thought on “Project Runway 4.3: "Fashion Giant"

  1. Personally I think this may have been the ‘jump the shark’ episode for me. I could not understand how they could use the clothes they were wearing as a pattern – when did that happen?!?! If that was the case I would have been stripping naked for every challenge! I thought most of the outfits were – meh. But then again, if I had that challenge in the time allotted I would have probably just ended up with a nice pair of boxer shorts!


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