A few things…

  • Got my prize from BurdaStyle’s Halloween costume contest in the mail today! I got four pieces of trim, some buttons and pins (of the pin-on-bags variety), a couple of postcards including one that’s a measurement chart (complete with nifty diagram of where to measure), and a button gague/point turner. All in all, fun stuff, and I will have to come up with some sewing projects I can use the fun trims on! Especially this twisted-looking black and white piping—that was my favorite.
  • Speaking of piping, I spent a good chunk of Saturday afternoon sewing some of that for the brocade jacket. And I really, really hope I have enough of it… I left enough unsewn at the end that I can add more if needed, but then I’ll probably have to cut more bias strips.
  • I got the initial weaving for Nicole’s scarf done on Sunday. And am now in the process of cutting more yarn and weaving it in, because it looks like I’m going to have to do twice the amount it called for just to get something that looks like one cohesive piece and not just a bunch of lines separated by bits of mesh. I really hope this works…
  • I have a paid sewing job! First one ever. My friend Kathryn asked me if I could make some capes for playing dress-up for her niece and nephews (all toddlers) for Christmas. So I spent nearly an hour tonight trying to draw a pattern so I could figure out how much fabric I’d need…and then after consulting with my mom, decided to forget the circle cloak and just do a rectangle with a gathered-elastic neck. That’ll allow room for some growth anyway. So I’m probably going shopping with her on Friday to get the fabric. Now if I could just figure out what to charge…
  • And now for something almost, but not quite, completely different for this blog! For years, I think since I was in college, I’ve been saying I wanted to learn how to cook better. Food, unfortunately, just seems to be one of those things I don’t have much time to deal with. But since good food really is an art form in my opinion (especially if it’s both good and healthy!) I may occasionally chronicle those endeavors in here. (Besides, my old schoolmate Lydia has inspired me with all the yummy-looking food in her blog!) So tonight’s attempt was inspired by the mother of one of my flute students, who is from China and insists on feeding me whenever possible when I come over to teach her daughter. She’s single-handedly changed my opinion on what Chinese food should be, and I seriously have cravings for pork dumplings and egg drop soup now. Haven’t quite figured out the dumplings yet (though I think I may have a recipe I pulled from Cooking Light a few years ago that might do the trick–Mom always lets me raid the magazine for recipe ideas when she’s done with it), but after running a search for egg drop soup I figured it wouldn’t be that hard. We had some leftover chicken soup that wasn’t so much soup anymore as it was broth with a few noodles and peas and no chicken, so I decided to use that for my attempt. Got that boiling on the stovetop, added some soy sauce to the broth for flavor, and then added the beaten egg once it was almost-but-not-quite boiling.

    The results: The taste wasn’t that far off from Jessie’s soup–I think the soy sauce was what did it there–though if I was making this for real I don’t think I’d have the peas in it. The texture needs some work though– hers is basically like one big fluffy piece of egg infused with the soup flavors with some broth (and last time there was some ground pork in there too) in the bottom. The texture wasn’t bad to eat at all, but it was more like these little stringy chunks of egg floating in the broth and, well, didn’t look so pretty. My stomach was happy, though– the egg made it more filling than chicken soup usually is for me–so I think this is an experiment that’s going to continue. Plus it was super-easy and didn’t involve that many ingredients, and since one of my two main career goals at the moment is to get enough work that I can afford to live on my own (the other being enough music work that I can quit the lame office job), I need food that’s good, quick and cheap!


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