A belated blouse blog

Finished the Emily blouse last Thursday–just haven’t gotten around to blogging it. So here it is.

It was a very easy pattern to work with, once I got all the pieces printed and taped together. I did have to make a few modifications to it, like add another button at the bottom, and take it in at the waist (I think it was probably a total of 2″. But that’s not a reflection on the pattern– I just happen to have a small waist and wanted it to look more fitted.) I also added slits at the side, and since I used the view with the extra-long sleeves (which, honestly, are only a little too long on me), I made cuff links to go with them. (Along with a tutorial.) I’m looking forward now to trying out some of their other patterns!

I also spent several hours on Saturday holed up in my room with a whole lotta Stargate and paint, adding a weathered look to two more packs of paper for my road trip scrapbook. I also made some booklets for the journal pages I made while on the trip with mulberry-paper-coated cardstock and hemp. But I’m one piece of mulberry short. Since I bought it at an AC Moore that wasn’t my usual, I hope I can find the last piece! In addition, I got road maps copied and the route traced. Also thinking I might need to buy another pack of paper, because the gold I got just isn’t the color I wanted. Either that, or just use gold as an accent, since I slapped gold paint on top of what I got and got a better color. It’s just time-consuming. But I’m hoping I can have all the paper done by around Christmas, since I usually have less teaching then and then I can just scrapbook-binge and throw the whole thing together.

In the meantime, trying to motivate myself to start another sewing project. I’m having a lot of trouble motivating myself to do much of anything right now, honestly… the last few days have been grey and rainy and cold and blah, and so has my mood as a result. I did manage to untangle my jewelry, so I really need to get that organizer going. But I’m really not motivated to do it. What I am feeling motivated to pull out is some Chinese brocade I got last winter to make a jacket. So I might just go with how I’m feeling for now.

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