Project Runway 4.1: "Sew Me What You’ve Got"

My thoughts on last night’s episode:

  • I don’t care if he thinks he’s God’s gift to fashion. Christian’s hair is just whacked.
  • “Sweet P”? At least she has a good label name built-in.
  • In a way, I was slightly disappointed by the opening challenge, in that they actually gave them nice fabrics to work with. Though it was fun to watch the frantic dash-and-grab. But I liked the no-guidelines thing too, because it was interesting to see what the resulting styles were.

Now, the important review– the designs! (all on the official site under “rate the runway”)

  • Jillian: While I admire her use of bold, bright colors, the bubble mini halter dress thing was kind of scary.
  • Christian: Didn’t agree with the judges so much on this one. Yes, his use of the plaid was innovative, and I did like the back of the jacket. The skirt was interesting. But I hated the sleeves on his jacket. They looked like big legs of plaid mutton.
  • Jack: I really liked this dress, actually. I liked the use of the black and white print, and the hint of color from the turquoise. With some adjusting in the bust area, I’d wear something like this.
  • Kevin: Wouldn’t necessarily wear this, but I liked it.
  • Chris: Liked the color and the long flowiness of the dress. Wasn’t so much a fan of the ginormous knotted bow thingy behind the neck.
  • Marion: Didn’t like this at all. The assymetric hemline would have worked better if it wasn’t so stiff a fabric, given the delicate fabric on the top. And the crossover ties were just weird.
  • Kit: Thought this one was interesting. I like how she took the basic silhouette and made it interesting with the one-shoulder jacket in red.
  • Steven: Well-tailored, but booooooring.
  • Carmen: I’m on the fence on hers, but leaning towards liking it.
  • Sweet P: It was ok. Didn’t really do much for the model’s figure (even though models on this show never actually have a figure.)
  • Ricky: I liked the fabric, it was a cute dress, but not very innovative at all. Especially given the lingerie background.
  • Victorya: Not very fitted like Sweet P’s, but I think this one worked better because it flowed better. And I did like the big metallic flower.
  • Elisa: Besides being spacey enough that she’s fun to watch, I think her design did have merit. I really liked the color, the neckline and the sleeves. And I agree wholeheartedly with the judges that if she’d stopped before the funky fabric train, it would have been great.
  • Simone: Had to agree with the judges here too. I can appreciate the neo-romantic thing she was going for, but it wasn’t done in a very interesting way. Or well-coordinated.
  • Rami: I don’t think I’d ever wear his dress. At least, not without some tweaking. With that much drapiness, I’d prefer it more fitted at the waist so that it didn’t look like I was wearing a tent. That being said, he really did have one of the most creative designs on the runway. So I’m fine with the decision for him to have won the first challenge.

Also managed to finish my Emily blouse. Will take pics and post later.


One thought on “Project Runway 4.1: "Sew Me What You’ve Got"

  1. I was also kind of disappointed that the opening challenge seemed so “easy”, but I guess not having guidelines and expressing who you are to a group of strangers can be challenging in its own way. I can’t wait for more!


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