It’s easy being green.

Everything I worked on yesterday was green, as was I. I was having a quasi-sick day (nothing serious, no worries) so I basically spent the entire afternoon sitting on my bed and watching tv while slapping paint on an entire pack of cardstock (paper prep for my as-of-yet-unstarted road trip scrapbook– trying to give less expensive cardstock that distressed BasicGrey type look)–turned out pretty good. So I have several more packs to do, but if I can snatch a couple hours here or there to watch tv or a movie while painting, I should be able to get through them all rather painlessly. Then I continued to watch tv while tearing apart these two shirts. The lighter one is a tank with a great print but it must have shrunk or something, since it won’t even reach to the waistband of my jeans anymore (and my jeans aren’t that low-cut!) The other is a cardigan that my mom made awhile ago and then passed down to me, in an olive shade that perfectly matches the darker parts of the print. So I’m going to turn this into a long-sleeved hoodie with a contrasting band on the bottom to add the necessary length. I might sew it tonight… we’ll see how I’m feeling after work, and how much progress I make on my closet beforehand (I’ve been procrastinating on switching out my summer with my winter clothes, but it’s become apparent that it’s just not going to get that warm again anytime soon. Drat. I liked the unseasonable October temps!)
Speaking of being green…. it’s been a difficult decision for me, but I’ve decided not to sign up for the next round of Wardrobe Refashion once I complete my current contract. I still think it’s a great thing– I’ve learned a lot about my personal consumer habits, and thinking outside the box when it comes to necessary (or just wanting different) clothing. So I’m not saying this so I can rush out and buy a bunch of clothes– I really don’t feel the urge to do that. I’m still going to keep sewing, thrifting, and refashioning as much of my wardrobe as I can, especially since I’m trying to get serious about my goal of being able to afford to live on my own by the time I’m 30 (will be turning 27 in a few months, and while my parents are very gracious and supportive of how hard it is to support yourself in music, I don’t want to have to rely on them long-term for a roof over my head. Have to grow up sometime.) And since I’m a self-professed clothesaholic, as long as I can keep myself from too many splurges on pieces of fabric (also a fabric addict, so easier said than done), I think that will help my budget a lot. When I actually make a budget.
No, I’m saying this because the blessing and curse of a pledge such as this is it really holds you to a goal. So as much as I love sewing, doing this pledge for almost the entire year is making me feel almost obligated to spend my craft time at the sewing machine. Nothing wrong with lots of sewing, of course, but I’d like to take some time to be able to focus a bit more on some of my other crafty endeavors, particularly the road trip scrapbook and the still-unfinished one from Chile. I’ve failed miserably so far in my one-page-a-week scrapbook goal, mainly because I’ve just been super-busy lately in the social arena and the rest of the time is sewing or work. But I’m tired of having these two albums hanging over my head, I’m tired of still having pictures from 3-4 years ago waiting to go into an album, and I want to feel free to take an entire week, or even month to do non-sewing craftiness. I’m not saying I won’t ever do WR again, and I think it’s really likely that I’ll stick to the principles regardless of whether I’ve formally pledged. But sometimes a little breathing room is a good thing, and I’ve got enough stress in my life at the moment that I don’t want my beloved hobbies to become just another obligation or stress factor.

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