Goodwill, you disappoint me.

For so long I’ve relied on you for inexpensive costume components, from the 11th-grade Dickens character party to last year’s Wizard of Oz scarecrow outfit. Now, this year, when I’m on a time crunch and really need you, where’s your plethora of cheap, horrific bridesmaid dresses from the 80s that would give me yards of fabric for abour $5? I realize you’re trying to make yourself more upscale to appeal to the more average consumer. But, really, you need to have more formalwear than just a stack of bridal gowns, because white is just not going to cut it for this project, and I don’t have time to attempt a dye job on top of everything else (especially since odds are it won’t work with whatever unnatural fibers your bridal gowns are made of anyway). And you also need to not mix it in with the other dresses, like you used to.

And, honestly, $45 for a simple black satin dress? Forget that. I could buy a couple yards cheaper at Joanns’. Heck, I could probably find a cheaper dress on sale at the mall. Or just stick with the $2 polyester satin pj pants that I got instead.

Now, I realize that since I live in Delaware, you’re pretty much my only option for thrifting, especially since your hours are better than the Salvation Army and a heck of a lot easier to get to between teaching times. But really, you need to step it up here. Since you’re my only option for buying clothes until the end of the year or whenver I decide to stop doing Wardrobe Refashion after that, I can’t afford for you to go all lame on me. Got it?

(Yes, this does have to do with crafting. All will be revealed in due time.)

Edit, 10:19 PM: On the plus side, it looks like things with the peacoat are looking up. Spent a couple hours working on it tonight, and got both sleeves sewn in. I tried it on over the oddly-basted lining (oddly because half of the too-wide seams have been ripped out and half haven’t)– I was a little worried because it seems like it was a bit snug across the back, but that’s really only when I’m crossing my arms very exaggeratedly. I did test it out with how my arms would be for things like driving and reaching over my head, and I think it’ll be fine. So maybe this project will turn out all right after all!


One thought on “Goodwill, you disappoint me.

  1. So true, so true. I used to be able to find great deals on tacky old bridesmaids gowns (the tackier the better) to use for our Library Reading Divas Book Cart Drill Team, but over the past year or so the price has really gone up at Goodwill. Or else they thought they had a hot item on their hands since I was purchasing all the vintage gowns in every Goodwill I could find, LOL!


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