another false start

Progress made on peacoat today:

  1. sewed on pocket piece
  2. realized seam allowances would be inside the pocket
  3. ripped that out
  4. moved piece to inside of the opposite side
  5. figured out that wasn’t going to work either, though I forget why
  6. ripped it out again
  7. realized that my attempts to figure out how to sew the pocket in while the old pocket seams were still sewn in, and ripped one pocket out, causing a lot of frayed edges
  8. ripped the seam at the seam allowance trying to get the pocket that was still sewed onto one piece of the pocket off of the coat
  9. Decided that what I really need to do is just cut out new pocket pieces, and hope that whatever progress I make on my next attempt actually sticks

On the plus side, at least I did get one of the too-small lining seams taken out. And since the side seams of the outside are still basted together, minus the front to front sides where I need to sew in those pockets, that will make that portion of the construction go much quicker. So this isn’t really like entirely starting the coat over again, right?


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