Crafty linkage

Since nothing exciting is happening in the land of peacoats yet, and I get a lot of inspiration from online, here’s some of my favorite craft-related sites!

ThreadBanger: Admittedly, I know how to do most of the sewing skills they teach and my style’s not really anything close to as punk as they often get (after all, I can’t exactly get away with wearing reconstructed t-shirts and such on workdays… the hazards of turning into an adult. Sigh. That, and I’d never trust a string bikini made of reconstructed t-shirts to cover everything adequately!) But the way that hosts Rob and Corrinne present DIY fashion is so entertaining that I keep tuning into their weekly webisodes just to see what they’ll do next. And their “commercials” absolutely crack me up.

From ThreadBanger, I recently learned about Metal Chik— similar format, but replace DIY clothing with jewelry. I’ve learned much more from this show, since most of my jewelry projects have involved beading and the occasional wire and this is more hardcore metal work. (Which I’d love to learn to do at some point. Really, I just want to play with the soldering iron.)

Of course, I have to mention, since it’s the mother-that-didn’t-want-to-stop-being-cool of all craft messageboards. My involvement here kind of goes through cycles of posting and non-posting and forgetting-to-check-for-weeks-at-a-time, but it’s still a great resource. You can find tons of tutorials, and it’s always fun to see what people come up with. The downside: since it is so huge, I’ve noticed that things don’t get comments unless they absolutely stand out in brilliance, or it appeals to the majority population (which seems to be mostly college girls and under.)

Sew Hip is my favorite of the LiveJournal craft communities (yes, I know, I should be hunted down by Chilean angry mountain cows for giving a shoutout to LiveJournal on Blogger, but I was on there long before the craft blog came to be.) You do have to have an LJ account to post there, but can read it without one. That’s probably the friendliest of the online craft communities I’ve been involved in– no question is too newbie, the people there are friendly, and honestly, I’ve gotten way more constructive feedback (and comments in general) from them than I ever have from Craftster.

BurdaStyle, as many of you already know, has free sewing patterns. Let me amend that. Free patterns that don’t suck. I have yet to actually make something from one of their patterns, but am planning to as soon as I finish the peacoat and one more project. They also have a community that allows you to upload pics of your creations (from any pattern, not just Burda), and a forum. I haven’t had the chance to get too involved there yet, due to my recent sewing projects being few and time-consuming and loaded with detail, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s also a very friendly, supportive community, and I am looking forward to being able to post there more. The only downside for me (and I’m not blaming the site at all for this!) is that it’s often difficult for me to read details about projects from some of the European members, simply because I can’t read the languages.

UpCycle Art Projects: My recent interest in eco-crafting led me here. Again, haven’t tried anything yet, but if I ever can afford my own place (read: have somewhere to put it) I’m interested to see how the soda bottle light fixtures really look.

Wardrobe Refashion, of course. This community’s pretty much altered my entire thinking on what I buy and how I sew. I was reconstructing before I joined it, and I can’t say I’ve done too many recons since I joined it, but I have been making an effort to sew more. And I really have bought far fewer clothes as a result (and really think about the projects I do sew– like, do I really need this?) I’m proud to say that so far, the only clothes I’ve bought this year have been things I just couldn’t do myself– shoes, those hiking pants that I did attempt to sew but the pattern was all wrong and I didn’t have time to get new material and try a new pattern (if there even is another pattern for zip-off pants!), things like that. I will have to buy another dress soon, but since it’s a bridesmaid’s dress for my best friend’s wedding, that one’s pretty much unavoidable. I haven’t decided yet to what extent I’ll do this next year, but I’m sure I’ll go for at least a few months.

Now, if anyone is reading this, I ask– any great craft sites/blogs/whatever that I’ve missed that I really should check out?

Edit for a quick note to self: 7/8″ seams on the peacoat body, regular for everything else. Off to rip many seams.


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