The Joanns’ run was a success (probably too much so.) I did find more of the peacoat fabric, and got about half a yard over what I needed just to be safe. I also got some more interfacing, and a whole lot of jewelry stuff. My justification is that the majority of what I got is findings, like ear hooks and crimp beads and such, and I’ll use that stuff regardless of if this Etsy thing works out or not. The rest of what I got are some beads. I’ve been wanting to make a neutralish-brown necklace for fall-winter (I have this awesome shell and natural bead one which I love, but it’s probably too summery), so I got some stone and ceramic beads for that (and some seed beads to fill in if necessary).

I also got this awesome kit from the Jewelry Workshop— normally I don’t care for kits because I like to make my own designs, but I just couldn’t pass up the medieval look of it, plus I liked that it came with all the necessary tools (minus wire cutters), so I can reuse the clamp and get my own wire if I’d like to do this technique again. So I spent last night making that, and here’s the results:

Though it made my fingers sore, the technique itself was really simple, the instructions were clear, and the results looked great! I did make one change to the design, in adding this pendant, which I also bought last night. The tiny little bead dangle they had looked rather silly with such a chunky necklace, IMO.

And here’s a closeup of the design:

I must say, Joanns’ stock of beading supplies has improved drastically in the last few years. I was seriously tempted to get their European 4-in-1 chainmaille necklace kit too, because I’ve been wanting a chainmaille necklace for ages and both attempts so far have failed (one worked and looked good, but started turning my neck green after a few wearings. The other was silver jump rings and therefore didn’t turn my neck green, but the size didn’t work and it kept falling apart.) Unfortunately, it was gold and silver, and I want just silver.

Speaking of beading, here’s the earrings I made on Thursday night. (I’m also experimenting with potential photography setups for the Etsy shop, so bear with me!)

I do really like the use of the candleholder to display them. I just need to work on lighting. And figuring out how to get my camera to focus on what I want it to. 😛 I know with the macro setting, it’s going to have a really shallow depth-of-field, but I’m hoping I can at least get the earring in the forefront completely clear!

I’ve also managed to get the back of the peacoat entirely ripped out, and the fabric for the new front laundered. And I started on a very simple recon, which is taking a plain brown v-neck and adding trim to the front. (I’m also planning on shortening the sleeves to 3/4 and trimming those, since it’s a bit too short for my arms anyway, but that’ll wait.) I’ve gotten almost 1/2 of the neck trim sewn on. The other half is pinned, along with a little wedge I’m having to insert at the very bottom of the V because it just didn’t work with the angle to have them meet in the middle, but I don’t think I’m going to get that done this weekend. Gotta go to a football game with the singles group in a few (wheeeee.) and then Ren Faire tomorrow (huzzah!!)

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