Decisions, decisions

Regarding the peacoat: I’ve decided to just go to Joanns’ after work today and see if they have any more of the embroidered suedecloth. If they do, I’m just going to cut it out again, because at this point it’s easier to do that than to try to undo two rows of topstitching (I discovered I originally topstitched it too close, and just added a second row rather than potentially rip out the embroidery). That, and with the clips down to the seam near the pockets, I’m honestly not sure I can take smaller seams on those front pieces. If they don’t… I’ll just jump off that bridge if I get to it.

Regarding Etsy: I think I’m going to run with it this time. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into it, and I think, now that I’m starting to have a lot of people tell me I should sell my stuff (it’s been happening quite a bit over the last few months), maybe now it’s time. I’m trying not to get my expectations up too much– I know that a lot of newbie sellers sell very little, if anything, for months. But I’m hoping I can at least get a few things out there. My plan right now is to focus on stash-busting, using the leftover beads and fabrics from other projects that would otherwise just sit here piling up. So I won’t have to put out a lot in the way of expenses at first, and that way if it doesn’t work out, I won’t have lost much. I’m certainly not wanting this to replace my other job, since I love doing the musician thing (though I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind quitting the office!)–all I’m really hoping for financially is that I make enough that I can put some in my savings (i.e. towards being able to afford to buy a little place of my own, so I’m not still relying on my parents for a roof once I hit 30) and donate some– I’ve been wanting to do that, but don’t really have the extra cash to spare. And, of course, getting some fabric out of here!

I was going to wait to make a few bags, but I might do one after this coat, just because bags are easy and this coat is frustrating. I did make 3 more pairs of earrings last night– the last time I was considering this, I made up several little packages of beads that would make good earrings (they matched, and I didn’t have enough of any of them to make a necklace or anything). I’d made a few, but that was a couple of months ago, so it was funny making a few more yesterday because I’d forgotten what was in there. I’m also using these to work on getting my wire loops to look really nice. I do really like a few of the pairs, and none of these are duplicates of ones I’ve made for myself, so worst case scenario, I have several new pairs of earrings.

Got a ton of stuff I need to figure out before I can post anything: how to handle shipping (especially since I’ll have to buy packaging as well, and that would jack the price up), how to set the prices (I know I can’t charge much for most of these earrings– most of them are glass beads and simple styles, though I do have one that’s semiprecious gemstone), I need to make a banner for the shop, I need to figure out a good setup for the pictures (i.e. not a distracting background), and while I have two tentative bag patterns (from bags I previously made, though they’re in the form of rectangular measurements and not an actual pattern), I need to figure out a few more styles as well. I have some ideas, but have to see if they actually work. So much to do… I hope this is the right decision!!

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