Checking in

I’ve been quiet this week, but it hasn’t been an unproductive one. I spent all my crafty time since Sunday working on my scrapbooks. Finished four layouts, and I have 3 more that are nearly completed– two I can probably finish within about 15 minutes because the typing is printed out and all I need to do is cut and paste. The third one I think I’m going to write on (and play with my metallic powder that I got for the road trip scrapbook–gotta test it out first, after all!) so that’ll probably take a little bit longer. But maybe I can finish those this afternoon.

Saying maybe, because the plan is to cut out the outside of the peacoat.

I also need to get out to Joann’s– I have a plain brown long-sleeved shirt that I want to recon into a 3/4, partially because I’m going to be making another brown long-sleeved shirt from that bamboo fabric I got back in the spring, and partially because the sleeves really are a little bit too short (my arms seem to be a little long, and it’s really hard to find long-sleeved ready-to-wear that is long enough as a result. Including coats. Thus the reason for the peacoat.) I got some trim there that I was planning on using to make it a bit more interesting (it really is just a solid brown v-neck), but since the trim isn’t stretchy in the least I’m a bit concerned about how it’ll affect my ability to pull it over my head. So I think I’m going to use it on the bamboo wrap instead, which means I probably need a bit more so I can trim the sleeves as well. As for the v-neck, I’m thinking maybe sewing on some small (possibly wooden) beads might be my best option.

Also, I’ve been carrying around the Gothic Rose bag for the last couple of weeks now, and so far the strap is holding up great. I did reinforce the stitching the day after NYC just to be safe, which I think was a good precaution. I also keep getting a bunch of compliments from my friends on it–now they’re beginning to ask me if I’ve ever thought about making bags to sell. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to revisit the Etsy idea. (If I can even still remember how to get into my account.) Of course, I’ve got several fall clothing items to deal with first…

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