It’s a quilt! It’s a box! It’s…

…the almost, but not quite, finished lining of the peacoat. I say “almost”, because all of the pieces are quilted. I finished that on Wednesday. Last night and today I’ve been basting the lining together and making adjustments. As you know from previous posts, I had to buy the jacket pattern in a too-large size because they only had it too large or too small. As a result, even after downsizing the pattern a full size on paper, I had to take all of the side seams in a full half-inch this afternoon. (Left the shoulder seams the same, as a note-to-self.) Tried it on over one of my bulkiest sweaters and with the inside facing I had cut from the lining fabric instead of the outer fabric, and I think that will bring it in just enough. I think, for the sake of consistency and to spare myself from my less-than-stellar math skills, I’m just going to cut out the resized pieces as is and just take the side and sleeve seams in as needed, since the shoulders are the same and I don’t want to accidentally take length off the arms that I shouldn’t.
And here’s a glimpse of the part of the lining that will (eventually) be showing.
This will all be unbasted, of course, once I’m ready to start actually constructing the coat. That way I can sew it in the order it is in the instructions– I’ve done very few lined jackets, so I don’t want to take any chances on having sewed something together in a way that maybe I shouldn’t have. Especially where the front facing is concerned. But for now, my dummy gets to wear a very boxy blanket.
Back to the sewing room with me– I’m going to take the rest of the day off from this thing in favor of a (hopefully) quick refashion.
Edit, 7:42 PM: Ok, so I didn’t get it done, mainly because I had to tea-dye some elastic and I’m waiting for it to dry. That, and I need to eat at some point tonight. But I should be able to finish it quickly tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll post it then.

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