Felicity Peacoat, the beginning

I haven’t had a lot of time for sewing this week–though I haven’t had a lot of teaching in the evenings, since things won’t really pick up there until the school year really gets started, I have been out quite a bit this week, between helping a good friend move and various social things that have come up. It’s likely I’ll be doing some sewing for said good friend’s new apartment– she’s got a futon that’s actually using the mattress from my old futon-that-I-used-as-a-bed, and the mattress got kind of dingy while storing it in her basement, so I’ll probably be making a slipcover for it at some point, once she gets all the moving-in stuff sorted out and gets some money for sheets to make a slipcover from.

What I have been working on this week in the crafty world:
  1. Editing photos from the road trip. Nothing too serious, just generally touching up the odd purplish tint that photos taken on manual settings on my digital camera seem to end up with, or a little cropping here and there. I’ve done several photos already, of course, but this is the first time I’ve sat down and systematically gone through them to make sure I’ve done all the edits I want to do. Also uploading them to Snapfish as I go in preparation for getting prints (will also make it more convenient for Julie to order her prints.) So far, gotten through 4 days of the 14 this way, though it’s technically 13 because I didn’t take any pictures the day we came home.
  2. A little bit of computerized journaling for scrapbooks. Still hoping I can get through enough of that to sit down and do a scrapbook binge sometime next month, though I might want to get some done sooner– I’ve got tentative and as-of-yet dateless plans to get together with two different friends for crafting, and scrapbooking would likely be on the menu. So journaling must get done.
  3. The big thing this week: working on my peacoat. Name, of course, comes from that old TV show of the same name, since I always liked Felicity’s black peacoat that she always wore. It’s still in the absolute beginning stages, since I had to completely resize the pattern before even starting. When I went, they only had two size ranges in the pattern–one below and one above the size range I actually wear. I figured it would be easier to downsize the 18-22 than upsize the 6-10, so I spent about 3 or 4 hours this week doing that, with the help of some instructions from Sew Stylish magazine. Over the last 2 or 3 days, I’ve also managed to get the lining cut out. No outer shell yet– I should have taken it down two sizes, technically, but I only took it down one to allow both for fitting over bulkier winter clothes and any mistakes I might have made on the resizing. I’m making a fully quilted lining with two layers of the thin-but-warm quilt batting that my mom favors, and since this is the bulky part of the jacket, figured I’ll get that basted together first, try it on over a sweater to check the fit, make any necessary adjustments, really sew that together, and then construct the outer shell of the jacket with whatever adjustments I needed to make. (The other factor is, I think it’ll be a lot easier/less expensive for me to get more of the batting and lining fabric if I really mess up than it will be for me to get any more of that embroidered suedecloth, so I’m not cutting into that until I absolutely have to!) I’ll also have to remember to get to Joann’s this weekend, since one of the Labor Day sale specials is buttons, and I haven’t gotten any for this coat yet.

I really hope this works–given that it’s fully lined, a Vogue pattern, and that I’m complicating things and adding a lot of time to it because of the quilted lining, this could easily rank in my top 5 most complicated projects I’ve ever sewn. I haven’t started the quilting yet–maybe tomorrow, but I told B that if she needs help with her apartment after she gets back from tomorrow’s IKEA run I could do that tomorrow afternoon/evening, so I’ll have to wait and see if she takes me up on that or not.

Finally, here’s the skirt I shortened earlier this week:
A little wrinkled since I wore it before taking the picture, but you get the idea. Simple yoked drawstring skirt from Simplicity 7229, which has become one of my standard patterns because they’re soooo comfy and due to the drawstring, the capris always fit me. I have a black linen skirt from the same pattern, which I’m going to leave as is, because the plain one is more forgiving of the mid-calf length than this embroidered one was. I do have to say the length works much better now for this particular skirt.

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