The Gothic Rose Bag

Finished it tonight! The pattern I based this off of was the Vervalise from Studio Kat Designs– I used the same concept and several of the pockets, but I made it bigger (by 3″ high/wide and 2″ deep) and changed a good bit of the interior. (Frankly, once I got a couple of the larger pockets put together, I kind of winged it with piecing it together until I had a large enough interior piece. But it worked out.)
I was actually pleasantly surprised to finish this one tonight– it felt like it didn’t take very long at all. It would have been a lot faster though, if I hadn’t spent a couple hours on Saturday quilting the fabric. I like the way the quilting turned out, though, it added some sturdiness to the bag that wouldn’t have been there otherwise, and it was good practice for my upcoming coat lining.
I’m not sure I’d use this pattern again– the directions were kind of confusing, but I think that’s largely in part to my changing the dimensions, especially for the interior pockets. And I didn’t actually use the pattern– I just measured the rectangles and cut them out with the rotary cutter. So it might have been a lot easier to match things up if, you know, I had actually followed the directions. Haha.
Hopefully this bag will work out– since it’s got pockets for my change/bills (zippered) and credit cards, in theory I should be able to ditch my bulky wallet. (The change pocket never stays zippered on it anyway.) It also has pockets for my evil cell phone, daytimer, sunglasses case, pens, etc. (and due to my alterations, it’s big enough for whatever book I feel like hauling around at the moment). As for closure, I have two buttons near the bottom, and loops on the bottom of the flap. The pattern called for a magnetic clasp, but I haven’t had very good luck with those in use.
As for last year’s fall/winter purse, I have plans for it. Mwahaha.
On a more serious note, I might be doing some alterations. On a formal dress. One of my good friends is a bridesmaid in another of her friend’s weddings next weekend, and I guess she lost some weight or something because the dress is too big at the top (a problem since it’s strapless.) She told me she’s been calling all sorts of alteration places, but no one can do it in a week. So she had two more places to try, but if she can’t get anyone to take care of it, she’s going to bring it by tomorrow to see what I can do with it. I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous about it. While I’ve done all sorts of refashioning for myself, I’ve done very, very little in the way of clothes for other people (the Ren Faire costume I made last year was pretty much it, actually). And since it’s a bridesmaid dress, I wouldn’t want to horribly screw up and make it look different from everyone else’s dress!

2 thoughts on “The Gothic Rose Bag

  1. I just realized that I may have left a comment for this bag on Wardrobe Refashion. It is starting to look familiar to me….Ahem……anyway, it is still awesome!


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