A necklace and the Gothic Rose Bag, part 3

I forgot to post this the other night– I made this on Saturday when I was with N, to go with the tie-dye dress. (Which I think I’ve finally settled on a name for it– the Titania Dress, inspired by a comment I got on it over at BurdaStyle that said it looked like a fairy dress. I agree. So I guess this is the Titania Necklace as well.)
This was tonight’s work, finishing piecing together the lining. The directions for the bag, which I probably should have read a little more closely before jumping in, involved sewing together backings for the pockets and that would piece together the lining, but I didn’t realize that until I actually started sewing the pieces together. This process was made far more complicated by my making it larger and deciding to change what pockets would actually be used. So besides the two segments that had gotten finished over the weekend (to the right on both pieces), it took me another two hours tonight to get lining pieces that were the right size. (Partially because I decided to give up reading the directions and winging it– I was so far off of them that they were more confusing than helpful anyway.) I did manage to put in zippered segments for both my bills and a change purse, though the change pocket took me a couple tries to get it pointing in the right direction. I also managed to get the lining pieces sewn together (minus one seam of the bottom, which I’ll sew once it’s in the actual bag), and basted together the outer and lining sections for the flap.

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