Of bagging and blogging

I started cutting out a new bag last night, to replace this one from last fall. After all that trouble I had sewing it together, by the time spring came around (which meant switching to this more brightly colored one) the stitching was beginning to come apart in several places. Probably due to my trying to carry things too bulky for it, like my daytimer (and, well, a book for reading.) I still love the fabric though, so my plans for the old bag are to recycle it into a much-needed checkbook cover. Anyway, I’d found this really gorgeous Amy Butler fabric when I was out shopping with my mom the other day, so I caved and bought it. I’m adapting one of Mom’s bag patterns too (since she has a billion)– if it works, should eliminate the need for my bulky wallet (since much of that stuff is in the liner) and still leave me room to carry a book. I got the exterior cut out last night, but since I got a late start, ran out of steam and so I need to finish cutting that out this morning so I can haul it all down to N’s house for our crafty day!

I’m also having a little archiving debate. Before I started this blog, I had gotten into the habit of doing one offline, so to speak– basically just a Word doc in which I did the same kind of rambling about ideas and progress that I do here. Since I started doing that back in early 2003, you can imagine that it’s a rather huge doc! And also hard to find things in. So I’m strongly considering backlogging them on here, since having all that sort of thing in one place is one of my few things I anally want to be organized about, and so I can use the tags. It would be time consuming, especially if I do link in the pictures of the past projects I took, but mostly copy-paste so probably less time-consuming than skimming through the whole file to find things in the long rum. Must consider this.

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