That’s a first….

I’ve had problems in the fitting stage before, but this is the first time I’ve literally had to seam-rip my way out of a garment!

It’s not the fit of the dress, really, it’s the zipper. The main seams of the chiffon layer went together really well, so today I was hoping to get the zipper and the rest of the machine work done. Well, I’ve just spent the last two hours trying to put in the zipper, and I think this one is jinxed. This isn’t the first time I’ve done an invisible zipper, this one’s just been the most problemmatic. First I accidentally basted one side on the wrong way, but caught that quickly and fixed that. Then it was too tight and I couldn’t zip it up, so I ripped out the basting to try again. Then the fit worked, but the back of the midriff panels weren’t lining up on either side of the zipper (over half an inch difference, so it was pretty obvious. So I had to tuck the skirt slightly on one side. Then I basted it in again, and both sides were off. So I took it off, hand-basted the zipper in, checked to make sure the panels were lining up (which they were), and went to sew it in.

I couldn’t get the dress on because the zipper got stuck, and then the teeth ripped out from the bottom up. So I literally had to rip the seam out on one side of the zipper to get out of the dress. I think I’m done with the machine for today… my plan is now to take the other side out, hand-baste in a different zipper (it’ll now be visible, which makes me sad, but hopefully it’ll look ok), baste the rest of the lower seam(s) closed (that way I can make sure the panels line up and make the seam work with that), and try with the machine again tomorrow.


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