taking shape

I have color now! I’m having to put this together kind of piecemeal, due to the draping. I got the bodice pieces cut out last night, and sewed them together today (at least, as much as I could.) The shoulder and side seams are done, as are the edges on the front pieces (because as you can see, there’s a gap.) It’s not really going to lay like that, I don’t think– I just have it pinned in place for the moment, with plans to make a binding and tie for the front later. I also have the bodice gathered a bit under the bust so I can avoid the darts to give it more of that peasanty look. I do have the darts in the back though.

I have it hand-basted to the armholes and the back seam (which is also hand-basted closed to keep it on the dummy.) So the next step is going to be determining how much length to cut off my fabric for the overskirt, and starting the likely-to-be-tedious process of hand-basting the pleats that are already in the fabric down so I can have an accurate measurement of the gathering to cut out the skirt. The middle section that’s going to join them will be last, mostly so I can see how much fabric I’ll have left to work with to know whether to do it pleated or not.


One thought on “taking shape

  1. I really like the way it looks like this unfinished. The colors of the top silk grade to the color of the bottom, actually looks very nice.I can’t wait to see the final result, it’s going to be beautiful!


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