let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to…

After trying on the Wharf blouse, I can safely say this project was a flop. Too loose up top, too tight on the bottom, and though the top portion is fully lined, you can see my stomach through the bottom portion. And the shoulders just look bad. In fact, the only thing I’m happy with about it is the decorative stitching. So it’s to the eventual refashion pile with that one. Sigh.

So I’ve been working a bit on my Chile photo album, since I’d like to get that done before the road trip. I have discovered that I do need to develop a few more photos– one of my favorite ones got lost, and there’s another that one of the other people took that I’d like to get. I was due for a photo development anyway, so I’ll have to sit down and get that order taken care of soon. Honestly, I’m not totally pleased with the look of this scrapbook either, but I’m hoping when I can go back and add finishing details it’ll help. Right now it’s just basic layouts.

I also started a refashion last night, since I want a short and simple project before I get into the Very Complicated Dress I’m envisioning. Right now it’s just pinned on the dummy, but I was playing around…

The original was just a plain souvenier T-shirt from NYC’s Central Park (the Strawberry Fields section, which I got because I’m a Beatles freak.) Then it got turned into this:
Taken back before I had the dummy. 😛 Cute in theory– the straps are made from layered ribbon, of which the top layer is white with strawberries on it. But the straps ended up being rather uncomfortable to actually wear, not to mention the tank is shorter than I’d like. So I took the ribbon off, and took an old green t-shirt courtesy of my mom, and am now playing with a couple things.

The sleeves are just pinned in place right now, and the rest of the top will likely be edged with more of the green. I took the sleeves, flipped them around, added some elastic in the already-made casing that was the sleeve hems to help hold it in place, and I need to figure out what else to do with the back. It’s likely that I’ll just make a binding around the armholes as well. As for making it longer, these are the two ideas I’m playing with. The one to the right was my original idea of just extending the bottom with a band of green. The one to the left is expansion through cutting, sewing in a band of green, and then adding the white back on. I think I sort of like that better right now, though it looked better the first time I tried that before I pinned it to take the pics.

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