Wharf Blouse

Finished this tonight. And hmm… not quite how I’d envisioned it. I made the V more shallow, of course, and so I wouldn’t ahve to deal with the ties around the waist I made the lower portion more of a bias cut for fullness. I was originally planning to do the extra criss-cross ties, but didn’t have enough twill tape. And I’m thinking I may need to tighten the ties around the shoulders, because it doesn’t look right. So honestly, I’m not entirely sure if I like this one.

And this is the closeup of the decorative stitching. I really like how that turned out, at least. Not as subtle as the original, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the varigation lined up, especially since the light and dark sections of the brown and teal alternated in a really cool way.
The necklace isn’t done yet. Over halfway though.

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