the unintentional jewelry recon, continued

As of tonight, I have one half of the shell necklace redone, though it was further complicated by the string being too short and having to figure out a way to tie on another piece so it would stay (with a little help from some nail polish.) I’ve also started stringing the strand for the second. Not sure I’ll finish it tomorrow, because now that my two heavy teaching days are out of the way for this week, and I have nothing better to do right now since I got laid off from the coffeeshop (not really sure what to do yet about looking for another job, since I’d need to take off 3 weeks in July and it’s nearly June), I think I might do some more sewing then instead.

Also realizing I need to figure out what to do with the other part of the shell stash– similar shells, but in a black/charcoal instead of gold. I’d prefer to do a different style necklace if at all possible, and I mght as well think about it while I have a huge stash of the clear seed beads out and readily available.


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