The wharf blouse, and an ill-fated repair

I started sewing together the Wharf blouse on Friday night, though most of the sewing was actually decorative stitching. I really like the way the varigated stitching turned out though.

I’m currently attempting to fix my seashell necklace, since one of the kids at my teaching job broke it. It would have been fairly simple, only involving running a string through one strand of it, but then a seashell just broke off the other strand. So now I have to remake it. *facepalm* So this entry’s mostly for my own reference, so I know how many beads and such.

top strand: 12 shells
bottom strand: 11 or 13… I really should have counted this before I restrung it. 😛
loops: 12 beads (2 of them used to double the thread through)
between loops: 7 beads
before the loops start: 5 inches of strung beads


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