The Lizzie shirt, and adventures in pattern-making

And the finished product! I finished it on Saturday, but just got a picture this morning. I wore it on Monday and the gathering on the side worked just fine, though I think I may need to put some kind of snap or hook and eye in there just to get the crossover to stay in place–otherwise it has a tendency to sag over the beaded band.

This is my next project, from last summer’s Anthropologie collection. I got the stuff to make it then but ran out of time. So I spent a good chunk of Saturday trying to draft a bodice pattern from this book. I was just doing a basic one at first and planning on altering it from there. But I don’t know if I took the measurements wrong, or if I drew it out wrong (there was an awful lot of math involved), but the muslin I made on Sunday sucked. The shoulder seams were practically short sleeves, the extra length at the waist was sufficient to make it just hit my waist, and I didn’t like the placement of the darts at all. So I ditched that for now and went back to altering a pattern I had. It’s cut out, just need to sew.
And I need to decide if I’m going to re-sign for the next few months of Wardrobe Refashion. I’m inclined to do it– the only factor is, I still haven’t figured out if I can make a winter coat warm enough for me with my wool allergy.

One thought on “The Lizzie shirt, and adventures in pattern-making

  1. The shirt is lovely! I enjoy lurking here. 🙂 Hope you re-up for Wardrobe Refashion, your taste and skills add that extra something to the place!


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