The Lizzie shirt, in progress

My Pride and Prejudice– inspired shirt, in progress. (Can you see why I couldn’t pass up this former skirt?) I got the bodice sewed together on Monday night, and last night I got the ties and the band in the front sewed together, as well as the bodice to the bottom front. Tonight I did the beading on the front band there– it’s not sewed down yet, but I think it’ll add some nice detail. The beads are from the stash that my best friend got for me when she went to Africa last summer, and as you can see, they match the iridescent fabric extremely well:

I think I’m going to have to make some jewelry to go with it from the rest.

And a closeup look of the wrap-look bodice– this was the part really inspired by Kiera Knightley’s dress in the last post, though hers went more to the waist and I didn’t have enough fabric to make it more than an empire-waist. So hopefully it’ll look all right when it’s sewed into the sides. Perhaps I’ll baste it first– if it looks bad, I can always just undo the basted gathering and make it a normal wrap, right?

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