I didn’t have a chance to take a photo until today, but I finished the sweater-knit shrug to go with the Morning Glory dress on Thursday.

It was kind of a pain working with the fabric in parts, since it would occasionally get caught in the metal plate under the presser foot of my machine (one time, it took both myself and my mom to get it out!) And it took a little longer than it probably would have under normal circumstances, because I did most of the seams as French, both for durability and to make it look more finished. The one place where I ran into trouble with this was the flounce on the sleeves, since I sewed them both the wrong way out and had to hand-sew the seam down to the outside. But it looks ok now. This was made from McCall’s 5096, though I altered it a bit– I changed the shape of the flounce to make it more pointed on one end instead of a round ruffle, and added it to the 3/4 length sleeve. I’m hoping I can find some other outfit to wear the shrug with besides the dress, though as you can sort of see from the picture, it matches the blue in the dress perfectly.

Drat, I thought I’d taken a before picture of this. Guess not. Anyway, I started work on a recon I’ve had in mind for awhile tonight. I’d originally been playing with an olive green snap-down Gap shirt, but I don’t like anything I’ve played with to make it another shirt so I guess I’ll wait until I need a bag to deal with it. So instead, I’m working with this thrifted skirt that I got awhile ag0. It was an awful style, this elastic-waist yoked pleated thing, but I loved the fabric (a shimmery iridescent green-purple viscose.) I’m turning it into a short-sleeved top, since I’ve discovered that I’m badly in need of things with short sleeves that are NOT T-shirts to work in. I’m altering a pattern that I’ve used before because I know it fits, but my inspiration is coming from, oddly enough, this dress from the newer version of Pride and Prejudice. I’m also planning on doing some beading on it, because when my best friend went to Africa last summer, she got me some packs of African-made seed beads there and one of the colors just happens to match it very well. So we’ll see how it turns out. I’ve got the altered pattern piece drawn out and the pieces all cut out so far.


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