experiments and sweater knits

Warning: Girly stuff ahead.

I’d seen tutorials at craftster.org before for cloth pads, and I had to admit my initial reaction was, why would anyone want to do that? Since then, I have a friend who’s switched to them and loved them. I’ve been becoming a lot more eco-aware as of late, and especially through people I’ve encountered from things like Wardrobe Refashion. I’m at the point where I’m quite annoyed with feminine hygiene products, of the disposable variety, because of just how much waste it generates. (Plus other things that I’m not getting into here because it’s TMI.) So I figured it was time to give them a try. My mom was ordering some diaper material to turn into kitchen towels from some site (don’t remember the name), and found some washable but waterproof fabric on there that’s used for diaper covers, so I got some of that for the bottoms. They also had a pattern, and I made two winged pad covers and four inserts yesterday. I tested one today, and so far so good, though I’ll have to see how it goes when things are heavier. But they were so quick and easy to make, and definitely more comfortable, so I hope it works! Even though all the flannel we had around here severely clashes with what I got for the waterproof layer. Oh well, I’m the only one that’s going to see them.

I’m also making a shrug to go with the Morning Glory dress, due to the fact that I get cold ridiculously easily (one of my pet peeves prior to my ongoing conversion to granolaism was places that use excessive a/c, because I hate having to bring a jacket just to walk into a store without freezing in my tank tops!) I don’t know how warm it’ll actually keep me– I’d forgotten how loose a weave the crocheted-like sweater knit is. But the color matches the blue in the flowers perfectly, and if nothing else, it’ll keep the dress a little more modest for church (since I’m up front for the music a lot, definitely an important factor). I just hope I can sew it up all right– I’m guessing I might have to French seam it all just to hold it together. It’ll be an interesting challenge, since I’ve never worked with this sort of fabric before.


One thought on “experiments and sweater knits

  1. I think converting to reusable feminine hygiene has been the best move I’ve ever made. The best part about it is that my period also got shorter! I know there are no real studies on it, but everyone I know who has converted have ended up (a few months later) with shorter periods.


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