What’s the story, morning glory?

As you can see, my dress is done as of last night. It’s from McCall’s 9370, with a few minor modifications (namely, making the straps a bit wider and I had to take some tucks in the top of the bodice princess seams and sew a much wider seam in the back to get the fit. Sometimes being between pattern sizes is highly annoying.) This one’s a bit of a stretch for me stylewise, as normally I like silver much better than gold, but I liked the silky feel of the fabric and the light turquoise embroidery. I didn’t take a close-up picture, but it’s these trailing vines of leaves and flowers with a matching gold sequin in the middle of each flower. So I’m dubbing this my Morning Glory dress, because of the color of the vines and the sunny gold.

Couple interesting things I learned from this dress/tidbits:

  • This was really my first effort to try and match stripes, and though it doesn’t look bad, and I’m probably the only one who cares, it wasn’t entirely successful. I realized after laying the cut pieces together to see how I did that I probably should have cut the pieces out one by one, since generally one piece lined up and one did not when I had to cut 2 from the same piece.
  • I have a bad habit of forgetting to purchase things like zippers and lining fabric when getting fabric with a specific pattern in mind. This was no exception. Though I did have to go out and buy a zipper, I was very proud of myself because I discovered that the lightweight tan cotton from the Plum Blossom Dress trim was actually very close in color (of course, this was also a result of my bad habit of taking forever to clear the leftover fabric away from my sewing area after finishing a project, but at least this time it worked to my advantage!) So since I had a rather large piece left over, I used that to make the bodice lining instead of buying more fabric. So I got to save myself the money and do a bit of recycling, so to speak.

Next on the agenda is the fabric I bought to make a matching shrug when I got this fabric last year, from the pattern I originally intended this dress to be. (Couldn’t use it because I discovered it was a bias-cut dress and the embroidery is on the bias, and I would much rather have diagonal stripes than vertical or horizontal.)


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