The gold dress, part 1

Made a lot of progress on my dress tonight. I got the zipper sewed in, the remainder of the back seam, the straps, the hem, and now all I have left to do is sew the bodice lining down. So I might be able to finish this tomorrow. We’ll see how things go, since I’ll have to hand-do it for it to look right. I did have to do a little tweaking to the pattern– the size I cut it out in is slightly too big for me up top (of course, the next size down is too small to accomodate certain parts of my anatomy 😛 ), so I ended up having to sew the zipper in at 1 1/2 inches instead of the 5/8″ seam allowance, as well as take it in slightly more at the top of the front princess seams. But it looks like it’ll fit well now. And it’s going to look fancy when it’s done– the fabric is this gorgeous satiny gold embroidered with turquoise flowers.

Now that I think about it, this necklace would probably go with it perfectly. Which means I need to fix it– one of the kids at work pulled it a bit and broke it, sadly. The seashells are all there and intact, but I need to find a way to restring one of the strands (preferable without undoing and redoing all the seashells.)

And now, off to plan my Montessori lesson… sigh. At least I only have to go three more times.


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