Well, I almost made it four months without buying clothes. But I caved and placed an order at Campmor today for some gear I’m going to need for my hiking-heavy summer vacation. (And likely before that, since I’m planning on doing some dayhiking before I go.)
This is the result of some massive screwups in trying to make some outdoorsy clothes. The first being, the rain gear that I’d already made last year in an attempt to save myself money (that, incidentally, the pants don’t cover my entire backside but I figured it was ok since I just wear them over pants) failed to keep me dry when I actually wore it in significant rain last weekend. The second was, the zip-off pants. I really, really wanted a pair since I figure that would be the most versatile thing I could pack (and the easiest to wear for things like rapid temperature changes in the mountains.) I’ve discovered thatdespite using the right measurements as listed on the pattern, if I actually wear these pants, even if I can reduce it to the tiniest seam allowance possible so they actually fit over my thighs, I’m not going to be able to walk in them. Nor do I have enough fabric to add any inserts to make it fit. So, after double-checking the jacket in my shower to see if it had been a fluke and finding that it was still getting damp inside, I went ahead and ordered some new hiking clothes, since I don’t have the time to try and adapt another pants pattern to make it work (especially since that would require finding a pants pattern that actually fits me first.)
I’m going to try to salvage the pants by using the pieces for something like this (as odd as it may sound, I’ve backpacked with several girls who swear by hiking skirts, and they’re just cute). We’ll see how it turns out, since between this and the complete headache that trying to make the rain gear was in the first place, I’ve decided I hate working with these water-resistent/repellent fabrics. In the meantime, I cut out and sewed together a dress as far as I could tonight, since I’m short a zipper, because right now I just don’t want to look at that green nylon stuff. That, and it was actually decently warm today so I really wanted to work on something springy.

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