It’s not that I haven’t been crafting…

…it’s just that my recent addiction to a certain video game keeps me playing that at night instead of blogging about it.

Due to some extra time off from not having to go to one of my teaching jobs last week, I got some nice progress made on my scrapbook from my Chile trip. I decided to do all the journaling hidden behind the photos, since I want to keep the focus on the photos (and, well, save the space for them!) So I got all that typed up, got them printed onto tags and made some envelopes to keep them in (so far, loving these templates), and started getting some pages laid out. In order to simplify putting it together, I’m using the same strategy I employed for another trip scrapbook a couple summers ago of using the same couple techniques for the whole book so I can finish it quickly. In this case, the tags/pockets for the journaling, acrylic paint to add some color to my otherwise very neutral cardstock, I’m going to stamp title things like place names with some foam stamps, and if I have to do any captions I’m just going to do it on strips of cardstock and attach it with some brads. I have to actually stick the pictures down on the couple pages I slapped the paint on…that might be a project for after work on Saturday.

I also did some sewing last week, on a very basic level– all I did was make some handwarmers out of a piece of fleece I had lying around. I don’t have pictures yet, because I have to wash them after the camping trip from last weekend, but I’m really glad I had them because they went a long way towards keeping my hands from freezing in the nasty weather–that’s what I get for backpacking in a nor’easter! (In my defense, the date was chosen way before the weather report came out.)

Tonight I got a pair of pants cut out. I’m using one of these Green Pepper patterns to make some zip-off hiking pants. I meant to make them last year but hadn’t ever gotten to them, like so many other projects, but with about two months till my hiking-heavy road trip, it’s time. I hope they turn out– it’s unisex, so I’m risking making a small. The measurements looked good on the envelope, but when I was trying to wrap the pants leg around my leg, it looked a bit snug. So hopefully it’ll turn out ok– guess I’ll find out soon enough.


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