Plum blossom dress, part 3

The top of the dress still isn’t sitting quite right; I need to work on that some more. But yesterday I got the zipper and the back seam and the sleeves sewn in—ended up having to re-use the original sleeves because I didn’t have enough fabric from the bottom of the skirt to cut longer ones. Wish I’d known that before I ripped the sleeves out… oh well. Tonight I pinned up the hem and started sewing it a bit, but didn’t get very far because it’s by hand and it was kind of bad lighting in my friend’s room for it and, well, Lost was on. So I’ll work on that more tomorrow, hopefully, and all I have left to do otherwise is get the front laying right and then sew down the facing. I’m hoping to have this done by Sunday so I can wear it to church for Easter. I’m also getting really antsy to get my Chile scrapbook worked on, so I’m thinking that may be a project for next week, since I’ll be off of my most hated teaching job for spring break, and what better way to celebrate than with craftiness?

I think I’m a binge-crafter. I’m obsessive over one, and just keep doing it and doing it until my brain suddenly switches gears and I want to do something else. Lately I’ve sort of had to be in a sewing binge, what with the baby gifts and all, but I can feel my brain switching gears back to scrapbooking now. At least temporarily. But since it’s been well over two months since the trip now, I really need to get that put together before a) I lose the photos and such in the black hole that is my bedroom, b) I forget everything worth journaling about, and c) this summer’s vacation that will probably end up with three times as many photos (or more) because I’ll be gone for three weeks instead of just one and I’ll be outside for much of it and I have a weakness for nature photography. But who knows… maybe I’ll stil get some sewing time in too.


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