Plum blossom (I think) dress, part 1

I’ve started reconning the dress in this post–spent some time over the last few days tearing the dress apart, particularly last night when I was trying to figure out where to cut the bodice off and such. I spent most of this evening cutting out pieces of trim fabric and, well, only getting it sewed on one side, since a) I didn’t staystitch/clip the back neck curve and had to keep ripping it out and sewing it back down in an attempt to stop bunching until I realized I really did need to clip the curve, b) my original idea to just fold it over didn’t work on the back neck curve, so I had to cut it in half and sew a seam right at the edge, and c) I may be putting a tan strip in the center to connect the two bodice pieces (I suppose I’ll just have to baste it once I get the other side done and see about how it’ll fit in the back, since eventually it’ll zip up there, and whether I still need to take anything in on the front) and I cut it too short. But at least I can see now that the tan contrast will work with it just fine, color wise.
For the record, I’m still not entirely certain whether these are cherry or plum blossoms, though I’m leaning towards plum since that’s what the fruits look more like. And also for the record, I’ve decided I like Google image search much more than Yahoo’s, because in my attempts to find out if plum blossoms are, in fact, pinkish (the one behind my house has always just been pure white), Yahoo kept bringing up porn pictures. With the SafeSearch on. Ew.

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