a different kind of scrapbook

My thought with the little brown notebook was to use it as a sort of art journal, one that I could keep adding pages too. I made the first page tonight. It’s pretty much half a scrapbook, half a journal– just whatever I want to put down in collage form. Part of what got me into scrapbooking was my lifelong love of making paper collages (I wish I had pictures of the notebooks I used to carry around with me in junior high and high school– my friends used to enjoy taking them during class to see what kind of random phrases were collaged onto them and such), so this is my more grown-up version, I suppose. I’m completely ignoring the acid-free rules on this one, because it’s all my random thoughts and therefore I don’t care about preserving this one. It’s all paper torn out of magazines and such, glued down onto a piece of thin cardboard recycled from a cereal box. (It still buckled a bit, and I need to put it into something to flatten it out for a bit before I make art on the other side.) I’m kind of hoping this no-rules approach will also help me in my regular scrapbooking, to free me up to experiment more. That, and it’s a low-commitment way of doing something that’s (eventually) a little more art and a little less craft. This is probably a little more wordy than I’d do on a regular basis, just a bit of scribbling I did over the summer on some thoughts on the direction of my life provoked by a reunion with college friends. So artistically it’s probably not so great, since the collage is only framing the text, but it’s a start. We’ll see what else happens.

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