Thoughts on creativity and blogging

I spent some time today catching up on the crafty blogs that I read, and found a fun link from Cutting Edge Stitches n’ Seams. I mean, downloadable clothes patterns that don’t suck? Just need to figure out if they’re free or not.

I’ve been spending some time lately pondering why I do certain things. It seems to me that creativity, for me, is either a way of life, an addiction, or perhaps a little bit of both. And I guess sometimes it gets me in over my head. I’m especially pondering in regards to my sewing. I’ve realized that, when it comes down to it, there’s not really much I actually need in the way of clothes. Which is a bit unfortunate, since not only is that my favorite thing to sew, it’s not like I can just channel my apparent need to constantly have something going on into other things. Someday I’ll have my own place to decorate and will have plenty to occupy myself, but I’m not there yet. So it’s making me wonder if sewing is something I should cut back on, or at least try to focus on ways to stretch these projects out so I don’t overfill my closet again– more complicated techniques, trying to come up with my own patterns instead of rely on commercial, take the time to make the finished seams look more like storebought clothes, etc. The other thing is, I have a lot of things already to make. Refashion pile aside, I have at least an entire bin full of fabric bought with specific projects in mind. So I need to figure out how to balance getting the things I already have done and my apparent over-accumulation of stuff.

Why I scrapbook is easy enough to figure out. I’m a born journaler, and I love taking pictures, and one of my favorite art forms growing up was collaging things. It’s only natural I’d end up uniting the three. I have to admit that part of my ponderings on cutting back my sewing for awhile is motivated by the fact that I still have a rather significant portion of stuff that still needs to get into an album dating back to grad school. I could easily stay on one or the other of these things full-time, and I often question what I’m doing having two such time-consuming and supply-heavy crafty hobbies. (While they’re not the only things I do craftwise, they seem to get the heaviest focus.) And yet somehow, I’m not willing to give either up. And they’re beginning to cross over a bit for me– I find myself using my machine to sew paper or photos down on my scrapbook pages, or making minialbums to chronicle my sewing projects (it’s nice to see that I’ve improved a lot since high school!)

I wonder about keeping this blog too, since other than the occasional Wardrobe Refashionista, it’s pretty obvious that I’m the only one reading this. But it’s an interesting exercise for me, chronicling these projects as they go and how my ideas change as things happen (or don’t). So I suppose that as long as I enjoy it, no harm in taking up the internet space, right?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on creativity and blogging

  1. Hey! that’s my blog 🙂 thanks for linking!The patterns on BurdaStyle are free, at least the ones that are on display in this beta version, so go download.I seem to be going through the same thing in regards to sewing, seeing how much time it consumes, and how I don’t really need more stuff in my closet. Somethings store both things are nice and cheaper sometimes.. It’s an addiction for me and can’t seem to stop 🙂 This is the reason I opened the Etsy store, so at least I have a reason to sew now.The blog also takes so much of my time, but I find it fun, and I’m sad I didn’t record all my projects from the very begining, it would be something to show to the kids 🙂 when I’ll have kinds to show to :))There is no 12 step program for us craft addicts!


  2. I’d seriously thought about doing the Etsy thing. It’s a tough call for me– so many people do bags, and I’m slightly paranoid about attempting to do clothes for people that aren’t myself, since I know the challenges of fitting myself and I don’t have the patternmaking experience to try it with other people. Who knows, maybe someday it’ll still happen, but not while my work schedule is insane like it is!I wish I’d recorded my projects from the beginning now. I could laugh so hard at myself for some of the things I sewed back in junior high…


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