overboard as usual (and slightly overwhelmed)

Since I had no time to sew the other night (or this entire week other than Sunday so far, really) I decided to see what I’ve got in my various scattered refashion piles. After bringing them all together (mostly, since I know I have a dress in desperate need of redoing floating around here somewhere), this is what I ended up with: a pile of clothes as tall as my bed. Some things are from my closet, some are things I’ve gotten from thrift stores with the express purpose of refashioning, some are already in various stages of being ripped apart in preparation to make them into something else, some only need a little resizing or other minor tweaks to get them wearable, all are unfinished. It’s difficult to know where to start with a pile like this, especially since I also have a rather significant pile of pieces of fabric that I bought with specific purposes in mind, several of which I’d prefer to get finished while it’s still cool enough to wear them, plus two baby gifts to buy materials for and sew…and then there’s the entire scrapbook from Chile to assemble plus all my other usual being behind on my scrapbooks. Yikes. So I think my strategy right now is going to be, start with the royal blue bit near the top since that only involves embellishing, not even sewing, and will therefore likely be a good post-teaching Friday night project. Then from my fabric stack, I have this jacket to make with some yummy brocade that, given the lighter color scheme, will probably work well for early spring as well. So I could maybe find some time to cut that out on Saturday after work and all is done, we’ll see. Maybe on Sunday I can make it to Joanns to do some baby fabric shopping…and, well, maybe allow something new for myself as well, because one of my friends gave me a gift card to there for my birthday. Maybe they’ve got some corduroy on sale– my leather winter jacket is getting horribly worn out, so I may bravely attempt to make a winter coat for next year. The challenge will be to see if I can make it stylish enough to wear for things like the concerts I play in, and thick enough to keep me something resembling warm (even more of a challenge, since I’m allergic to wool.) As for the Chile album, maybe this weekend or tonight once I’m done teaching or something, I can start typing up the text for that.
All this, and I’m still seriously contemplating making another DHD cd case (this time for myself).

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