The starry shirt v.2.0

I finally had time to sew tonight– the first personal sewing I’ve done since November. I got the new top of the front and the new back pieces cut out, the front sewed together, the front and back sewed together at the shoulders, and then had to do some playing around with my mannequin to do dart placement in the back. So here’s how it’s looking so far. The bottom of the front is from the original shirt, and I’m going to reuse the sleeves and the ribbon for the lacing in the back. But I’m already much happier with this than the original shirt. I only have the side and back darts basted so far (I had to hand-do it so I could figure out where to put the darts), but there’s a fairly good chance that I may have a snow day tomorrow and if that’s the case, sewing is definitely on the agenda.


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