The Stargate Swap

As of tonight, the last of my projects is finished! Which finishes me up for swaps for a little bit, since I’d like to concentrate on getting some of my personal projects done (and I need craftiness without a deadline for awhile.)

But, here’s what I made (so if you’re dearjoan from Craftster, please don’t look!)
The first project: a cd case (purchased), painted to look like the top of the Milky Way DHD. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to get the symbols on– finally ended up drawing them with ball-point pen and then tracing that with the paint. But I’m quite proud of the results (and seriously tempted to keep it for myself.)
The second project: The Daniel notebook. Her favorite SG-1 character is Daniel Jackson (and can you blame her?) I had a lot of fun gathering pictures for this one. And fun with the captions too– ones like “Evil Daniel”, “Ascended Daniel”, “Geeky Daniel”, “Bandana Daniel” and so on.
The third project: The Rodney notebook. Her favorite Atlantis character is Rodney McKay, so the cover of this notebook is all memorable quotes by him (which I also had fun gathering), and printed out in color blocks that are quite reminiscent of Atlantis (and, well, now that I look at it, just about the same colors as his uniform too.)
As a side note, I had more difficulty than anticipated with both notebooks on the decoupage– I discovered the computer paper just wasn’t working on the covers, had to get new notebooks for both, print it out again on heavier cardstock, then the glue didn’t want to stick on the Rodney notebook because the cover’s more plasticy… it was a mess. But it’s a done mess that actually looks decent, hurrah!
Of course I couldn’t do a Stargate swap without using gate symbols somewhere. This was one of my quick projects, once I got it sketched on the shirt– just went over it once with a silver paint pen and it’s done. But this is the gate address for Earth.

And for tonight’s finished project, the Atlantis frame. I’d originally intended to use the gate symbols from that on polymer clay. And, as a bracelet. But the clay didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, and my mom had these wooden picture frames that were leftover from a kid’s craft class she taught, so I spent last night and tonight painting this. (And added a picture of McKay for good measure, though she can take that out.) I really like how this one turned out, and that if she doesn’t want to be overtly geeky, it could double as just normal constellations in space.


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