Swap progress!

So far, so good. I finished the first of my Stargate projects last night, and got to a good point on #2. I have supplies for two more after this, and two, possibly 3 more ideas. But idea #3 involves sewing that may be more involved than I currently seem to have time for. We’ll see… sendouts aren’t till the 10th, and if I can make it to the fabric store early this weekend, maybe I can get something done on Sunday. After all, it’s not like I care about watching the Super Bowl. The commercials have been predominantly lame for the past couple years, and unlike two years ago with Paul McCartney, I have no desire to watch the halftime show. I don’t think anyone I know is having a party anyway, so given my recent travel/work-induced craziness, it might be nice to have another day at home to relax, crafter-style.

At any rate, I hope to have the stuff done fairly quickly, because I’ve got an entire album of Chile photos to put together (once I get the cardstock I’ll need and the rest of the photos developed) and a very strong, Wardrobe Refashion-induced urge to start sewing clothes again.


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