Photography swap, part 1

Back from Chile, about to jump into the Stargate swap, but here’s what I made for the photography swap:
A camera case and lens bag (she’d requested revamped leather if at all possible, and I’d bought a bag at Goodwill to try to do it. Then I took it apart and discovered it was vinyl and icky. Fortunately, I found this great sude look-alike at Joanns in the bargain section, which proved to be much easier to work with.)

A photo album stamped with trees (I’ve decided watermark ink and clear embossing powder is great, and I’m dying to try it in a scrapbook soon)

And a camera bag, appliqued with a tree from the same suede, lined with a leafy fabric (which inspired the applique). The zipper was a bit of a challenge, as was lining it in spite of the zipper, but I was quite proud of this bag. (I lucked out again– I found out that she liked trees after I’d already bought the lining fabric!)

Part 2, what I got in return, will be up as soon as I can actually take the photos, which will hopefully be tomorrow night. And I’ve already got a couple ideas for the Stargate swap, which I started the prelim work for tonight.

And I’ve signed up for the first round of the 2007 Wardrobe Refashion challenge, so now I have to work from my stash! (Well, starting in February anyway, but since all I’m going to be getting are a very limited number of swap supplies, well…)

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