Leave it to Mom…

…to use craftiness to cheer me up. I came home from work on Tuesday very frustrated about how one of my jobs in particular is going. Well, when I got there she was making a whole bunch of soap, trying to use up the melt-n-pour stuff, and pulled me into helping. It actually did the trick, and it was fun making tie-dyed looking soap. Then she came up with the idea to try swirling the colors like I was doing in the shea butter soap in the clear glycerine soap, and the results were rather interesting–swirls of color just suspended in these 3-D layers.

I also started sewing for the swap last night (finally.) Can’t talk about it yet since I have no idea who from craftster might possibly be reading this thing, but it’s turning out well so far, I think.

I was excited to learn that Wardrobe Refashion is going to have a new pledge period starting in about a month. I’ve been wanting to do it since I stumbled across this blog. And I think it’ll be good for me–between the stack of things I have to reconstruct and my growing conviction that I seriously need to use up some of my stash/finish the projects I’ve already bought things for before I buy any more fabric, this might be just the kick in the butt I need to accomplish some of these things.

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