Adventures in serging

Last night was definitely a learning experience. Since the fabric of the skirt I was reconning was very stretchy, I had the thought that maybe serging it would be better than sewing it. My mom allowed me to borrow her old serger, which, fortunately, was already threaded in a color very close to the fabric. It took me a couple experiments with the scraps to figure out how to serge it without the fabric getting stuck. And after several unsuccessful attempts to unscrew the little blade that slices off the fabric as it sews, I discovered that yes, it is possible to move the blade out of the way. (My mom hadn’t known how to do that.)

This is how I’d intended for it to look, albiet inside-out, which is why one piece is much shorter than the other.

I was pretty proud of this, actually– no pattern, I came up with the design just draping it on the dummy, and it was all cute and slinky.

This was how it actually looked, minus the sleeves, which I didn’t bother adding. I’d underestimated how much the knit would stretch out while serging (I’d hoped that would prevent it from doing so as much), and it’s pretty well past the point where folding it under and even hand-stitching it down would help because the fold is very obvious under the fabric. I was playing around with it a bit once I got it to this point, and there’s basically nothing I can do at this point, short of ripping out multiple rows of serging on a slinky stretchy knit, to make it flattering on me. (Part of the problem is also that the front crossover part ended up too high; I’d meant for the angle to cut a bit sharper and go under the bust, not on top of it like that.) But I do still like the concept, so once I get my hands on some less-stretchy knit, I might give it another go. But maybe with a regular sewing machine this time.

(For my personal reference: Approximate shapes of the pieces, though very roughly cut since they were straight off the dummy:)

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