a bag and an in-progress recon

I finished the bag on Sunday, and I never want to use this pattern again. For some reason, this one ended up being totally confusing, and I could NOT figure out how to keep the seams from being exposed in the more open part. I ended up just hand-sewing some extra fabric over it to compensate.

It’s really hard to see it from the picture, but it has this criss-cross look to it at the top of the bag. I’ll probably take a better picture later, when I can have better lighting for the job.

This is what I’m currently working on– this is the skirt as it was originally, a slinky knit Goodwill find. I just don’t like the way it clings to my hips. I’m turning it into a shirt, which so far looks like this:
It looks a little odd, I’m sure, in the front. That’s because right now it’s pinned together inside out on the dummy. It’s going to be pretty much a mock wrap look. I’m trying to figure out what to do about sleeves, since I’d really prefer not to leave such a slinky knit sleeveless– the armholes will be sagging in no time. I have a piece left from the upper back of the skirt, but once I take the seam in the middle out, it’s going to be way too tight around my arms. The other option is, I’ve got one bias-cut triangle from the part of the wrap section that I’ve trimmed so far, and I’ll have another once I cut the inner part of that off. So I might be able to do a kind of flutter sleeve with it. I’m currently leaning towards the latter just for comfort.

Got another swap to do! This time, a photography one. I have some ideas so far, so hopefully things will come together quickly.

I’ve also pretty much abandoned the etsy idea for now, mainly because it looks like I’m getting another part time job that will require me to get up very, very early, and therefore cut into evening craft time. So maybe it would be better for my mental health to keep the hobby for my own personal enjoyment right now.

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