Moving on…

Well, now that the skirt’s done, I’m moving on to my next project, which is a bag from this gorgeous Laurel Burch fabric. I’m using view C of Vogue 8274 (the blue striped one). Normally I like to design my own bags, but I just really liked the look of this one as is and the pattern was on sale. Besides, the colors of this one are much better suited for fall/winter than my beloved Warhol Bag (about halfway down the post), and I figured it would be a good project to do before trying any test versions of bags for my Etsy since it would probably have some nice designer detail ideas for installing the zippers and such that might help me make them look a little more professional.

The fabric was already cut out as of last week. So far, I’ve managed to get a couple pieces of interfacing basted on–it would have been more, but there was a bit of a mix-up. Turns out the woman who was cutting my fabric at Joann’s on Saturday gave me sew-in stabilizer instead of the sew-in interfacing it called for, and silly me, I thought it was a new type of interfacing. My mom ended up catching the mistake and let me use some of her heavier-duty interfacing, but then I still had to cut out the interfacing pieces a second time, then undo the one piece I’d already basted. I was having a bit of machine trouble with it anyway, since the bobbin tension somehow ended up getting messed up. I’m not sure if it was me hitting something when I cleaned it out, or because my brother’s girlfriend was using my machine earlier…


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