The peasant skirt from hell!!

It’s finally done, though almost everything that could have possibly gone wrong with this skirt did.

Here’s my story of how this skirt came together, which turned out to be the sewing equivilent of a Lemony Snickett tale:

  • I’d originally gotten this fabric with the intent of making the skirt from McCall’s 5005, because I liked the non-elastic yoke and so far my success at trying to draft those myself has been nonexistent. I also bought the brown trim, which you can see the close-up picture of on this post. Joann’s didn’t have the yardage it called for on the pattern, so I’d have to special-order it. Upon recieving it, I brought it home…and promptly lost it. I still have yet to find it. Only slightly daunted, I proceeded to go back after a few weeks of fruitless searching and ordered more trim. This time, I managed to get it home (and onto the skirt) without losing it.

Then I took the pattern out to cut out and discovered the fabric wasn’t wide enough for any pieces but the yoke. So, wanting to match the stripes, I figured out new lengths for the tier pieces and cut it to fit the more narrow fabric (mental note to self: Never again attempt to figure out numbers while watching Lost.) and cut out the yoke as originally called for. Silly me, I didn’t realize that since the gauzy fabric stretches a bit, the yoke ended up waaaaay too big. (And, of course, I didn’t think to check that until I’d already hand-sewn on the top row of trim. Doh!!) So then I took out the zipper, took the fourth piece of the bottom tier that I’d decided not to add into the bottom layer after all, resigned myself to an elastic waist and sewed that in, then finished sewing on the rest of the trim. Then I made the elastic casing, found out I didn’t have enough of the right width of elastic for it, went to Joann’s again (I needed to go anyway because I needed some zippers and interfacing) and got that, proceeded to make a far-messier-than-intended casing that I’m very glad no one can see from the inside because it looks awful, and finished it up last night. So now I can finally move on to something else. Like trying to figure out what to do with the yard or two (or eight or nine, if I ever find the rest of it) ot the trim I have left, since I ended up making my own pattern entirely instead of using theirs.

Also, I took the plunge… I opened an etsy shop. I’m still trying to get things set up so there’s nothing in there yet, but hopefully soon…


One thought on “The peasant skirt from hell!!

  1. Anne, the Mom

    Great story about the skirt. I have daughters aged 14 and 18. I haven’t sewn clothing since before they were babies (except experimenting with making doll clothes) but so many things are expensive, poorly made and trashy looking, I am sewing a few things for them.


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