low-key craftiniess

Things have been a bit slow for craftiness over the past few days– I’m hand-sewing trim onto my skirt and it’s holding me up. I’ve been kind of sick all week–nothing bad, just this weird cold/stomach bug thing. Today was definitely the worst. So I sat around a lot. Spent a couple hours tonight sewing trim, and a good chunk of time last night and today taking staples out of fabric—yes, you read that right. Someone gave my mom a huuuuge stack of fabric samples recently, and she decided to share the wealth since a lot of them had just enough stretch to make them bad for quilts and good for me. But they all had labels stapled in the corners, so I had to take them all out. There’s a couple nice pieces that have matching rectangles, so I’ve got a bag design sketched out to try with them. I just need to figure out how to stabilize the bottom.


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